Honor Run

An event created to work directly with our fellow Blue Knights. We take the day to honor our fallen at ( 3 ) Specific locations…

Our NH State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen NH, we visit our RKMC Stone in place and have a ceremony at that location, then we have a n extra ceremony and visit that is held at fellow Red Knight Harold Frey’s gravesite as he is a member whom is entombed onsite there now,.

We visit the Police Memorial on Main Street In Concord NH, a brief ceremony will be held at this location put on by the Blue Knights.

and a visit to our Fire Memorial on Smokey Bear Drive in Concord NH. for a brief ceremony.


These are held in a specific order to be ironed out as we get closer, but please consider being a part of this day of honoring… the costs are only a donation as desired, along with any fuel and food you desire if participating in that portion.

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